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Hello and Welcome to the Course Outline,

Operation 6 Fig. is five week boot-camp for the highly motivated that will have a fully-functional online business up, running, and in your hands. Everything from here on out is the honest truth, spoken in everyday English. This is not some 400 page guide sugar-coated with a bunch of B.S. What you find in this interactive course are the essentials; the most modern tools you need to develop and expand your knowledge of the web and what it can offer laid out in pictures, videos, and step-by-step instructions:

Are you tired of working a dead end job? Are you sick of your day in-day out routine? Are you tired of busting your ass and making money for somebody else? Is your work environment starting to feel like jail? There has never been a greater time to change all that then RIGHT NOW! The internet is bursting with opportunity. With the proper knowledge, starting a business can be done overnight and at little cost! So without further adieu, I present to you what the next five weeks of your life will look like:

Week 1 | Getting Started

1.1. Putting things into perspective

1.2. Finding your niche

1.3. What's trending?

1.4. Studying the competition

1.5. Keyword research

1.6. Hunting for a quality domain name

1.7. Purchasing your domain

Week 1

Week 2 | Development: Creating the Framework for Your Site

2.1. MySQL & FTP

2.2. Installing a CMS (Content Management System)

2.3. Setting up your template(s)

2.4. Creating web pages and a navigation menu

2.5. Adding pics & vids

2.6. Modules & positions

2.7. Javascript, jQuery and other tips & tricks

Week 2

Week 3 | Design: Establishing the Look and Feel of the User Interface

3.1. Creating a logo

3.2. Cool graphic & text effects

3.3. Implementing your logo & favicon

3.4. Effective Branding

3.5. The world of fonts

3.6. Utilizing tables & adding a contact form

3.7. Outsourcing and getting help for CHEAP!

Week 3

Week4 | Monetization: Prepare Your Site to Start Making Some Bucks

4.1. Start selling products

4.2. Google ads

4.3. Affiliate marketing

4.4. Adding an Amazon store

4.5. In-text advertising

4.6. Selling ads on your site

4.7. More tips & tricks

Week 4

Week 5 | The Future: Maintenance, Management, and Growing Your Business Into a Successful, Money-Making Machine!

5.1. Analytics

5.2. Launch checklist

5.3. SEO

5.4. Advertising

5.5. Finding investors

5.6. Selling your business

5.7. Words of wisdom & motivation

Week 5