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This blog is dedicated to start-ups I plan to keep a close eye on in the next year or so. The criteria I use to determine which start-ups get selected are those I feel are fully-capable of bringing in a yearly six figure income. These websites are fully-functional, have a visually stunning layout, demonstrate a clean, simple, and modern interface, and are effectively monetized.

BoomBoom Prints

Elevator Pitch: BBP is an online marketplace connecting independent artists with new moms and families. Artists upload family-friendly designs that are placed on dozens of different product options. This art goes online, where moms then get to explore a curated collection of designs unique for their little ones.



Founder: Brett Brohl


Description: BoomBoom Prints allows parents (and grandparents, aunts and uncles too!) to customize more than twenty different kinds of products made from the best stock, inks, and printing methods with the artwork of their choice. And for parents in search of ideas, the site offers a blog featuring inspiration boards, artist bios, artists’ tips, and nursery designs showcasing BoomBoom Prints products.

BoomBoom Prints taps into the $2.1 trillion mom market by creating a community sales force through the empowerment of its artists to drive sales and sell designs to parents. Artist-powered marketing alone can provide exponential and self-reliant growth, but when combined with the more traditional channel marketing expected of a digital company, BoomBoom Prints is well positioned to capture a large portion of the market.


Why it's Unique: There are three keys to BoomBoom Prints’ success. First, it has a self-motivated pool of artists, who are driven to become a powerful sales force for BBP. Second, its experienced team of entrepreneurs has a proven track record in social commerce, start-ups, and building businesses. Finally, BoomBoom Prints has a free, naturally refreshing source of content in the form of new artwork. This high quality content opens up a variety of additional revenue streams. BoomBoom Prints is taking a unique model to the customizable parent market.

Additionally, BoomBoom Prints has a very cash-friendly business model with healthy gross margins approaching 40% and no inventory requirements. Orders are automatically sent to third party partners for production and direct, blind & branded shipment to the end consumer. BoomBoom Prints then collects and pays all parties for their respective portions of each transaction.



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Thursday, 27 February 2020