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This blog is dedicated to start-ups I plan to keep a close eye on in the next year or so. The criteria I use to determine which start-ups get selected are those I feel are fully-capable of bringing in a yearly six figure income. These websites are fully-functional, have a visually stunning layout, demonstrate a clean, simple, and modern interface, and are effectively monetized.


Elevator Pitch: ChariText allows users to sign up and help raise money for charity and all they have to do is receive a text message once a week. There is no additional cost to them.



Founder: Justin Coaldrake


Description: ChariText was developed by young entrepreneurs who wanted to make it easier to give back. Not everyone has the time or money to donate to charity, but by taking 30 seconds to sign up, you can make a difference. Our goal is to change the world one text at a time. If everyone took 30 seconds out of their day to sign up, we would bring millions of dollars to charities and would complete thousands of needed and potentially life-saving projects. The concept is simple is a website where people sign up to receive one text message a week. We then go to companies to get them to sponsor the texts and they get to send the text out to our users. So instead of companies spending money on tv commercials or internet adds they donate that money to charity and get to send a small advertisement out to our users. So basically any one that signes up with us to receive a text helps us raise money for different charities and all they have to do i receive a text. There is no additional cost to them.


Why it's Unique: Its the first service of its kind to offers the ability to support charities just by receiving a text message. Is such a small price to pay to help and we believe a lot of people agree with us.


Seal embed code for this start up:

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="113" border="0" /></a>




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Thursday, 27 February 2020